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Im Herbst 2021 bat das Team von Lupit Pole unsere Alisa einen Beitrag über Selbstfürsorge beizusteuern. Schaut ins YouTube Video von Drehmoment X Lupit X Madethese rein, und hört Alisas Geschichte.

Social media has made us more visible, and has shifted a big part of our social interaction into a virtual, bodiless space that’s full of bodies on display. In this highly visual, poorly embodied society, our insecurities and our need for more self-love are being monetised. You weren’t born hating yourself or hating your body. Societal standards have pulled you out of your true home: your body. You are your body, and you are infinitely more. Find other bodies that speak to you and empower you, move your body for the sake of moving, and embark on a journey that might teach you what self-love truly means.

Having a history of eating disorder, body distress, and a lifetime of learning how to step back into her innate natural power, @2112alisa is sharing her views on unconditional self-love.

dancer @2112alisa

videography and cut @madethese 

music @jmsn Don‘t Make Me Change

studio @drehmomentberlin

poles @lupitpole