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Jessy (she/her)

How can a discipline have so much impact on someone’s life? While I have been dancing since a young age, I was never really into sports and movement in general. However, everything changed when I entered a pole studio for the first time, back in 2014 – a life-changing experience. Although at times, it was challenging for my curvy body, the feeling of freedom and fun were beyond compare! I felt hooked like never before.

My pole journey started with many setbacks, but as time passed, it shifted from a lowkey frustrating rollercoaster to the best part of my life. Not only did pole strengthen my body, but also my mindset – it softened the negative gaze I used to have on myself. My horizon expanded along with my journey through the aerial, dance, and movement world.

When I’m not at Drehmoment pole dancing, you can find me in aerial hoop, aerial hammock, or ballet classes. I am always working on improving my movement, my musicality, the combination of both, and also my mobility.

The passion grew into a job: after a career in Software Development, I offered my services to the studio. You can meet me at the Drehmoment front desk facilitating the experience of my fellow pole students. Or working behind a screen, getting all the geeky things done for the studio.

My other interests include music, feminism, body-positivism, anti-racism, psychology and writing about all those passions in both French and English.